Finding the Lighter Side of Love

Ladies–Can we talk? I’m wondering if, between us ladies, we can go introspective for a moment and ponder a few things. Interesting things, strange things, curious things, things that make you go “hmmm.” We’re strong, intelligent, sassy and independent in many aspects of our lives, yes? Yet, when it comes to certain matters of the heart we, seemingly, lose our minds, no?

For example, we see the obvious signs in a relationship gone wrong–You know, unreturned phone calls, unkept promises and the like. And, despite that small inner voice whispering, “He’s just not that into you,” we make excuses for Mr. Right Now like, “He’s been hurt” or “He’s afraid to commit” and so on–hmmm.

We often become unlicensed, unsolicited psychologists and relationship experts when it comes to our girlfriends’ affairs. “I wouldn’t put up with ‘this’ or ‘that’ because this or that kind of behavior is demeaning.” And on and on we go. Yet, when it comes to our own relationships and what we do or don’t tolerate..hmmm.

We constantly complain that the good men are either married or, well let’s just say “otherwise unavailable.” However, we cannot run fast enough from Mr. Nice Guy who, with heart in hand, would lay the world at our feet. And to whom are we running? To the one for whom we would spend countless nights, crying, wondering, waiting…to exhale! Hmmm

We are the first at the alter praying for the real Mr. Right, but before the benediction has gotten cold, we already have our sights on another Mr. Right Now. And when yet another dead-end relationship doesn’t work…hmmm.

To our credit, we grow up and wake up and, in turn, realize the wisdom in that age-old saying: insanity is doing the same old thing over and over again and expecting different results.

(And here’s where it gets interesting.) We try to end yet another dead-end relationship that has kept us so emotionally and, perhaps, physically drained. We make up things to fight about thinking it’ll make the break up easier only to find that it–just–makes–the make up–sweeter. Hmmm.

When alas! Our evolution comes. We each, in our own time, find our womanhood and, in the process, realize that the best love is when you have learned to love and appreciate yourself. And from that foundation, you give true love and expect the same in return. And then and only then does the real journey begin. Welcome and enjoy your journey!

Excerpt from the one-woman show, “Timeless:My Journey, My Song.
Written and performed by Coré S. Cotton

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